Adrian Cranage - Director of Photography
Adrian Cranage Whilst remaining creative, motivated and inspired at all stages of the filmmaking process, Adrian’s passion for filmmaking is fundamentally fuelled by his desire to be true and honest to 'The Story'. Adrian has over 20 years experience in the photographic/film industry. Born in San Francisco (USA), he spent most of his childhood growing up in various countries overseas. After returning to Australia in his late teens, Adrian completed his photographic studies in Australia in 1989. He then promptly set out for the US where he lived and worked as a photographer for several years. In 1995 he arrived in Germany spending the next decade climbing the camera department ‘ladder’. In 2009 he completed as DoP his first feature film "Iron Cross" (starring the late Academy awards nominated Roy Schneider). He has since gone on to shoot several more feature films. Adrian has also shot many commercials, music videos and several TV films. In addition to Features and TV films, he was the Additional Main Unit DOP on "Homeland" Season 5. Adrian lives in Berlin.
Commercials • Feature Films • Corporate Films
Lifestyle • Car • Beauty • Celebrity • Storytelling • Landscape
35mm • Alexa • DSLRs • RED-CAM • Phantom/Weisscam
German • English
  • Allianz "Tag des Kinos"Allianz "Tag des Kinos" Allianz "Tag des Kinos" • Commercial • Entertainment • Vignette
  • red button "Großer Fernseher"red button "Großer Fernseher" red button "Großer Fernseher" • Commercial • Testimonial • Celebrity
  • VHV "Türöffner"VHV "Türöffner" VHV "Türöffner" • Commercial • Celebrity • Dialog • Kids
  • Fraport "Die Airport Manager"Fraport "Die Airport Manager" Fraport "Die Airport Manager" • Commercial • Sport • Business
  • Magic MotorcycleMagic Motorcycle Magic Motorcycle • Commercial • Sport • Business
  • Watchever "Directors Cut"Watchever "Directors Cut" Watchever "Directors Cut" • Commercial • Celebrity • Dialog • Kids
  • "Kokowääh 2" (Trailer)"Kokowääh 2" (Trailer) "Kokowääh 2" (Trailer) • Feature Film • Humour • Celebrity
  • "Iron Cross" (Trailer)"Iron Cross" (Trailer) "Iron Cross" (Trailer) • Feature Film • Action • Historical • Celebrity
  • "Schutzengel" (Trailer)"Schutzengel" (Trailer) "Schutzengel" (Trailer) • Feature Film • Action • Celebrity
  • Homeland 04-1 "Why is This Night Different"Homeland 04-1 "Why is This Night Different" Homeland 04-1 "Why is This Night Different" • Television • People • Dialog
  • Homeland 09-1 "The Litvinov Ruse"Homeland 09-1 "The Litvinov Ruse" Homeland 09-1 "The Litvinov Ruse" • Television • People • Dialog
  • Homeland 11-5 "Our Man in Damascus"Homeland 11-5 "Our Man in Damascus" Homeland 11-5 "Our Man in Damascus" • Television • People • Dialog

DKE • Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft • Durex • Fraport • Gabrich • Magic MC • Mona Lisa • Nibelungen • Red Button • Streit um Drei • Suzuki • Tarif Rebell • VHV Versicherung • Wagner • Watchever • World Vision • and many more...

Corporate Films
Alliance Global Investors • BAYER "New Years Message" • BAYER "The Science for a Better Life" • Deutsche Bank "Artist of the Year"

Feature Films
"Forbidden Voices" • "Harry´s Insel" • "Iron Cross" • "Kokowäh 2" • "Schutzengel" • "Tag der Wahrheit" • "Tatas for Benin"

Short Films
"Crossing Paths" • "GREEN" • "HEL" • "Kjaerlighet - Love"

Television Series
"Big Boss" • "Homeland" (additional main unit DoP)


Ahmet Tan • Alex Graves • Anna Justice • Ashley Way • Barbara Müller • Boris Penth • Dan Attias • Frank Schneider • Hilmar Lipp • Jochen Scherer • Joshua James Newton • Kaiser Soze • Lena Lenzen • Lesli Link Glatter • Martin Sährig • Micheel Nwaisser • Pia Streitmann • Rainer Gerisch • Rolf Eckel • Sebastian Wehner • Sieth Mann • Slawomir Idziak • Sven Fleck • Sven Harguth • Thomas Fechel • Til Schweiger • Tucker Gates


"Tag der Wahrheit"
Florida Movie Festival: Winner Best Foreign Film
Accolade Global Film Competition: Winner

"Kokowääh 2"
Bambi Award: Nomination
German Film Award: Audience Award - 3rd Place

Jupiter Award: Winner

"Iron Cross"
Boston Film Festival: Winner Visionary Award
Boston Film Festival: Best Young Actor

LUCANO FILM FESTIVAL: Out of competition screening

"Crossing Paths"
Kracow Film Festival: Out of competition screening

BAYER "Science for a Better Life"
Cine Golden Eagle Film and Video Award: Winner
Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis: Winner
Master of Excellence - Member of the European Master Class: Winner

"Forbidden Voices"
Swiss Film Prize 2013: Winner Best Documentary