Alexander Hackinger - Director of Photography
Alexander Hackinger Alexander is driven by the maxim to find the perfect emotion for every shot he makes: he feels every frame, every composition and camera move, every color and contrast. He loves to shoot in a way one can describe as “young emotional documentary style”. In that way he gives his projects a highly naturalistic quality and capture strong atmospheric and even playful pictures. After finishing university, Alexander shot several music-videos and worked for different production companies. He shot his first TVC in 2008 and until now worked as a DoP for clients like MAN, Rational, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Universal Music and ZF. A mix of perfectionism and the longing for the best composition and lighting are always pushing him. He is always looking for new ways to tell a story, because for him cinematography is the way to connect and touch people. Alexander is based in Munich but his work as a DoP has led him all around the world, working in Europe, USA, Brazil, China and even Vanuatu.
Commercials • Corporate Films • Documentaries • Music Videos
Landscape • Visual effects • Lifestyle • Slow-Motion • Kids
Alexa • DSLRs • Phantom/Weisscam • RED-CAM
German • English
  • Sofitel "Haute Hotellerie" 51sSofitel "Haute Hotellerie" 51s Sofitel "Haute Hotellerie" 51s • Commercial • Business • Celebrity • Dialog • Humour
  • "Oli Kahn" "Oli Kahn" "Oli Kahn" • Commercial • Business • Celebrity • Dialog
  • Kapten & Son "Vintage Summer"Kapten & Son "Vintage Summer" Kapten & Son "Vintage Summer" • Commercial • Beauty • Landscape • Fashion
  • Allianz FC Bayern "Fabian"Allianz FC Bayern "Fabian" Allianz FC Bayern "Fabian" • Commercial • Business • Testimonial
  • ZF Brasil "Daniel"ZF Brasil "Daniel" ZF Brasil "Daniel" • Documentary • Business • Landscape • People
  • Victoria Beinert Collection "Menschen im Grand Hotel"Victoria Beinert Collection "Menschen im Grand Hotel" Victoria Beinert Collection "Menschen im Grand Hotel" • Commercial • Beauty • Fashion
  • SOMM "Tu es bevor es zu spät ist"SOMM "Tu es bevor es zu spät ist" SOMM "Tu es bevor es zu spät ist" • Commercial • Storytelling • Entertainment • Humour
  • LV 1871 "Sachwerte mit Aschenputtel"LV 1871 "Sachwerte mit Aschenputtel" LV 1871 "Sachwerte mit Aschenputtel" • Commercial • Business • Storytelling
  • Rational "Küchengötter"Rational "Küchengötter" Rational "Küchengötter" • Corporate Film • People • Landscape • Food
  • Young Chinese Dogs "Can't Find Love in Summertime" (Shortcut)Young Chinese Dogs "Can't Find Love in Summertime" (Shortcut) Young Chinese Dogs "Can't Find Love in Summertime" (Shortcut) • Music Video • Kids • Landscape
  • ZF Vanuatu "Jean-Jacques"ZF Vanuatu "Jean-Jacques" ZF Vanuatu "Jean-Jacques" • Documentary • Business • People • Landscape
  • redbywolves londonredbywolves london redbywolves london • Commercial • Beauty • Fashion
  • ZF China "Benny"ZF China "Benny" ZF China "Benny" • Documentary • Lifestyle • People • Urban

Allianz • Bebivita • DTV • FC Bayern • Kapten&Son • Limango • LV 1871 • M-Net • MyCar • Pretty Ballerina • Red By Wolves • Sofitel • Society of Music Merchants • Staatsministerium für Umwelt und Gesundheit • Tuning World • Victoria Beinert Collection • Werbestopper • ZF

Corporate Films>>)
Apple "ASM" • Avnet "Innovation" • Frima "Kitchen Revolution" • FF OSH • Gelbe Seiten • Kentucky Fried Chicken "KFC Traytyper" • MAN • Mercure • Rational "4 Köche - 4 Reisen" • Rational "5senses" • Siemens • SOFORT • Zeiss "Forum Go" • ZF "First Mover"

Music Videos>>)
Black Poets "Point Of Reason" • Linda Hesse "Knutschen" • Talking Pets "Circles" • Tubbe "Dummheit Sticht Armut" • Young Chinese Dogs "Sweet Little Lies" • Young Chinese Dogs "You Can’t Find Love In The Summertime" • Young Chinese Dogs "This Town is Killing Me"


Christoph Lacmanski • Claudia Garde • Daniel Philipp • Daniel Silber • Franz Stepan • Holger Frick • Katharina Ludwig • Matt Vane • Peter Schels • Ralf Luethy • Renato Novakovic


Klappe 2016 - Silver for ZF Friedrichshafen "Global Journeys"
European Excellence Award 2015:
Winner for ZF Friedrichshafen "Global Journeys" - Internal Communication
2015 Cannes Lions, Shortlist: "KFC Traytyper"
2014 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, Silver: "Rational 4 Köche - 4 Reisen"
2014 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, Silver: "FF OSH"
2012 99Fire-Films-Award, Best Film: "Würde"