• L'Oréal "Doutzen Kroes"
    L'Oréal "Doutzen Kroes" • Commercial • Beauty • Cosmetic
  • UNICEF "Child Labour"
    UNICEF "Child Labour" • Commercial • Social • Visual effects
  • Galenic "Sarah Lavoine"
    Galenic "Sarah Lavoine" • Commercial • Cosmetic • Beauty • Split Screen
  • Lancaster "Youthful Glow"
    Lancaster "Youthful Glow" • Commercial •
  • CocoWhite
    CocoWhite • Commercial •
  • ROYA (Trailer)
    ROYA (Trailer) • Feature Film • Drama
  • Masterclass "Michalak" (Trailer)
    Masterclass "Michalak" (Trailer) • Commercial • Food • Docu-Style
  • Royal Soda "Dekontraksyon Massive"
    Royal Soda "Dekontraksyon Massive" • Commercial • Beverage • Humour • Dance
  • L'Oréal "Alexina Graham"
    L'Oréal "Alexina Graham" • Commercial • Beauty • Cosmetic
  • Banque Atlantique "L'Afrique En Nous"
    Banque Atlantique "L'Afrique En Nous" • Commercial •
  • "Missions"
    "Missions" • Trailer • Science Fiction
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Martin Levent - Director of Photography

Martin Levent For the past 4 years, I experienced both comfortable film sets and extreme conditions shootings: from cosy studios atmosphere in Europe, to Haitian slums or refugee camp in Calais, freezing in a glacier at -20°C or burning at 40°C in Dubaï. I have mainly been working on luxury and beauty commercials (L'Oréal, Lancaster, Roger Vivier), TV ads targeting the african market (bank, mobile network, soap), and also art feature films. Above all, my goal, is to serve a storytelling. Prior to that, I acquired a solid 15 years experience as a camera assistant on european films and american blockbusters like "Rush Hour 3" and "From Paris with Love". Coming from a lineage of cinematographers, I was also immersed in a creative environment since childhood. After highschool, I attended art studies and deepened my personal visual references: Rembrandt, Le Caravage, Turner, Larry Burrows. Studying the great masters of painting and photography enabled me to forge my graphic identity and gave me the very best of clues about how to generate impactfull images.
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Alexa • 35mm • DSLRs

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