• Warpaint "Shooting"
    Warpaint "Shooting" • Commercial • Fashion • Vignette
  • H&M "Ibiza"
    H&M "Ibiza" • Commercial • Fashion • Beauty • Lifestyle
  • Fashion Changes "Style Endures"
    Fashion Changes "Style Endures" • Commercial • Fashion • Vignette
  • Breitling "The Wild Scandinavian"
    Breitling "The Wild Scandinavian" • Commercial • Food • Sport • Table Top • Vignette
  • DB S-Bahn "Hamburg KulTour"
    DB S-Bahn "Hamburg KulTour" • Commercial • Business • Beauty • Vignette
  • Pluggi "Sneaker Marketplace"
    Pluggi "Sneaker Marketplace" • Commercial • Fashion • Beauty • Vignette
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Maximilian Ruhm - Director

Maximilian Ruhm Born in Frankfurt, raised on the journey. As a young child of a designer and a businessman, my dad always took me on his business trips. His camera fascinated me and was from now on only used by me. For me, a new world opened up when we were visiting the Prague Symphony Orchestra, which I have since used as background music for all my videos. The combination of music and image has been the most beautiful form of storytelling ever since for me. People are the center of the world we have created and, in my opinion, the most interesting theme. Later, I started my career as a media designer for pictures and sounds in Frankfurt. Incidentally, I worked as a photographer in the fashion industry. After that I moved to Hamburg to study there. During my studies, I had my own production company where I worked as a director and producer for 4 years. Today I work as a freelance director and photographer. I love projects where I can give my creativity and my hearts blood. Projects where I can drag people through stories into another world.
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Breiltling • DB • H&M • Pluggi • Starbucks • Warpaint

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Fitness First Germany • S-Bahn Hamburg • Zoeller

Fleet Food Events

Ogilvy / Glocal Consult

Music Videos
Jacidbaby "Jetlagger" • Jacidbaby "Türme auf der Side" • Jacidbaby "Regen"

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(Author) Crime Cabaret (AT) 

Beijing Birdsnest Events • Equestrian Globe • Harolds Stuntbrothers Show • Integity Magazine Belfast • Jacidbaby • Kyril Fashion • Riccardo Simonetti • Sergei Melnik • Shadow Knights (China) • Warpaint

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