• "Dolores"
    "Dolores" • Feature Film • Storytelling • Humour • People
  • DFB Fan Corner "Bauchladen" 45s
    DFB Fan Corner "Bauchladen" 45s • Commercial • Humour • People
  • Vitana
    Vitana • Commercial • Food • Humour • Dance
  • Haribo "Touching Moments"
    Haribo "Touching Moments" • Commercial • Food • Kids
  • Hallesche "Wechsel"
    Hallesche "Wechsel" • Commercial • Humour • People • Sport
  • Erntefrisch "Gemüse"
    Erntefrisch "Gemüse" • Commercial • Food • Humour
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Michael Rösel - Director

Michael Rösel Michael loves storytelling and humour. Since he grew up in a little town nearby Nürnberg he was fascinated by films, books and graphic novels. He studied film and media at the university Hildesheim. Doing an internship at the Roman Kuhn film production while his studies, he discovered THE possibility to combine comedy, comic style and film in a short and fast paced mixture: commercials! After graduating with a diploma he consequently pursued his growing interest in commercials and studied directing advertising film at the renowned Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg. His diploma spots won several prices - for example: ADC Nachwuchswettbewerb, VDW-Award, Catch 52, Porsche-Nachwuchspreis, Kurz & Schön, etc. Since than Michael is directing commercials and image films for various national and international film productions, like Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, DFB, Chupa Chups, Haribo, Vitana and others. Some of his productions got several nominations and prizes at the New York Festivals, he also won prizes at he World Media Festival, the Ottocar and Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis. Besides he directed a tv series and is right now producing his debut feature film for the german TV station SWR, which will be - of course - a comic-adaption!
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"Kling Glöckchen Peng" • "Shot7" • "Black Cat" • "Beat-Nick" • "Vision" • "Power & Gebrechlichkeit" • "Sadismus"

"Rosinenbomber" - Serienpilot UFA & Sat1 • "Freakshow" - Allstar Entertainment International • "Highway X - Road to Romance and Ruin" - Allstar • "Faust II" - Allstar Entertainment International


World Media Festival: Gold for MBTech - "Hybrid", Silver for TRUMPF "Trubend Safety First"
New York Festival: Silver World Medal for MBTech - "Hybrid", Industrial Productions: Public Relations
New York Festival: Silver World Medal for Made by "MAG”, Industrial Productions: Sales
New York Festival: Finalist Certificate “Hawker’s Tray”, DFB "Fan Corner", Industrial Productions: Sales
ITVA Award: Gold for MBTech "Hybrid"
Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis - 3. Place (Kategorie Filme aus der Wirtschaft)
Grand Prix Victoria (Vienna): Silver for "MAG"
ChupaChups "Metro & 100m Race" - Kampagne der Woche - Der Kontakter
Mevaco "Angeber" - Finalist Certificate – Sales: Point of Purchase, New York Festivals
Mercedes-Benz "It´s a Vans World" - Ottocar Silver, Autovision
Deutsche Bank "Mieter" - VDW Award, Hochschul Werbefilm
1. Place Catch 52-Award
2. Place Porsche-Nachwuchspreis International Commercial
2. Prize Kurz & Schön, Nomination: "First Steps"
Listed on Cannes Lions
Ranstad "Halali" - Nomination for Porsche-Nachwuchspreis International Commercial
Poliboy "Curling" - Best Commercial - Filmakademie Ludwigsburg
Nomination for Porsche-Nachwuchspreis International Commercial
OBI "Flexus" - 2. Prize, World Minute Movie Cup, Roermond / NLD
1. Place Deutscher Minuten-Wettbewerb
Silver Int. Filmtage, Duisburg
Top Ten Croatian Minute Movie Cup, Croatia
Lobende Erwähnung, 14. Tage des unabhängigen Films, Osnabrück
Diploma of Merit, Melbourne international Movie Festival
"Faust II" - Dokumentarfilmpreis & 2. Prize, Jugendfilmfestival Nürnberg