• VW Dune "Urban Dunes"
    VW Dune "Urban Dunes" • Commercial • Car • Action • Lifestyle
  • Skoda "Lovestory" DC
    Skoda "Lovestory" DC • Commercial • Car • Split Screen • Vignette
  • VW "Together"
    VW "Together" • Commercial • Car • Vignette • Visual effects • Urban
  • Toyota Auris "Better Way"
    Toyota Auris "Better Way" • Commercial • Car • People • Urban
  • VW T-Prime Concept GTE "Beijing"
    VW T-Prime Concept GTE "Beijing" • Corporate Film • Car • Beauty
  • Seat "Artist"
    Seat "Artist" • Commercial • Car • Storytelling • Visual effects
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Susann - Director

Susanne Schmidt Born and raised by the sea – in Rostock – Susann lives now in Berlin. During her studies to become a film and television producer at the University for Film and Television "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam Babelsberg she had her own car-test series for the TV magazine "Auto & Mobiles". A topic that has never ceased to fascinate her. Specialized in storytelling and cars she directed countless big budget corporate films, commercials and documentaries and has successfully made herself a name as a film director in a male dominated industry. Cars are the focus of her work – as the ultimate symbol of freedom, daydreaming and democratization. For Susann it is extremely important to look outside the box and to search and to implement new ideas. From the familiar and commonplace she creates the surprising and the extraordinary. The results are unique images full of visual intensity and moody atmosphere.
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Commercials • Corporate Films • Documentaries

Car • Helicopter • Highspeed • Kids • People • Storytelling • Visual effects

German • English


AUDI A6 • AUDI A8 • AUDI Q5 • AUDI R8 • AUDI S5 • AUDI TT Coupé • AUDI TTS • Lamborghini • Porsche • Skoda • Toyota Auris • VW Beetle • VW Jetta • VW Passat • VW Polo • VW Tiguan • VW Touareg

Corporate Films
AUDI A6 Avant "Wellness Day" • AUDI "Chasing Tickets" • AUDI A6 "Cactus" • AUDI A8 "Alliance Arena" • AUDI R8 "Le Mans" + First Drive" • AUDI Q5 "Meeting Frank Gehry" • AUDI S5 "Hidden Beauty" • AUDI TTS "Salt Lake" • Lamborghine Murcielago "Nardo" • SKODA "Combi" • SKODA Ocatvia "Intercontinental Love" • Toyota AURIS HSD "Twins" • VW "American Passat" • VW Passat "Designfilm" • VW "Passion for Detail" • VW Phaeton "Masterpiece" • VW Beetle Ragster "Four Aces" • VW Coupe "New Volkswagen Way" • VW EOS "Canada" • VW Golf "Family Affair" • VW Jetta "Space vision" • VW Passat "W8 Chaser" • VW Passat "Gute Taten" • VW "Passion for Detail" • VW Phaeton "Fahrpräsentation" • VW Phaeton "Masterpiece" • VW Pick up "Rescue" • VW Polo "Lebenswelten" • VW Polo "Professor" • VW Polo "Trilogie" • VW Space up "Sneak Preview" • VW Tiguan "The Tiguan Difference" • and many more...


Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award - Silver Dolphin
Ottocar - Bronze Award