Minh Duong - Director
Minh Duong Born and raised in Munich, Minh pretty early got in touch with performing arts. He was educated in ballet, classical guitar and traditional martials arts, before he started his first audiovisual projects as a director. His passion for moving images directly led him to the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF), where he studied feature film and television feature. Minh graduated as a director (Dipl.-Regisseur) and completed additional master classes for Stunt & Action, VR/360° Storytelling, and advertising & corporate film. Regardless of genre and format – Minh loves creating unique visual communication and is always looking for new challenges and collaborations.
Commercials • Corporate Films • Author • Short Films
Humour • People • Visual effects • Car • Storytelling • Industrial • Dialog • Animals
German • English • French
  • BMW "Laserlight"BMW "Laserlight" BMW "Laserlight" • Commercial • Car • Testimonial • Landscape
  • BASF "Workshop of the Future"BASF "Workshop of the Future" BASF "Workshop of the Future" • Commercial • Technic • 2D/3D • Car • People
  • Tesla "Silence"Tesla "Silence" Tesla "Silence" • Commercial • Car • Beauty • Black & White
  • OSRAM - Apple HomeKit "Groceries" DCOSRAM - Apple HomeKit "Groceries" DC OSRAM - Apple HomeKit "Groceries" DC • Commercial • Technic • People
  • Pfizer "Domino"Pfizer "Domino" Pfizer "Domino" • Commercial • Pharmacy • Packshot • Slow-Motion
  • OSRAM - Smart+ "Playtime" DCOSRAM - Smart+ "Playtime" DC OSRAM - Smart+ "Playtime" DC • Commercial • Technic • People
  • OSRAM - Smart+ "Motion Detector" DCOSRAM - Smart+ "Motion Detector" DC OSRAM - Smart+ "Motion Detector" DC • Commercial • Technic • Kids
  • Airbus "Future Air Power"Airbus "Future Air Power" Airbus "Future Air Power" • Corporate Film • Flight • Visual effects • 2D/3D
  • Microsoft "Megawoosh"Microsoft "Megawoosh" Microsoft "Megawoosh" • Commercial • Humour • Viral • People
  • Airbus "Time for Growth"Airbus "Time for Growth" Airbus "Time for Growth" • Corporate Film • Flight • Visual effects • 2D/3D
  • McDonalds "Coffee to Go"McDonalds "Coffee to Go" McDonalds "Coffee to Go" • Commercial • Beverage • 2D/3D
  • Discovery Channel "Crimenight"Discovery Channel "Crimenight" Discovery Channel "Crimenight" • Commercial • Horror • People

Airfy • BMW • Discovery Channel • McDonalds • Microsoft • Osram • Pfizer • Reebok • Starwatch • Tesla

Corporate Films
Airbus "A320Neo M3" • Airbus "Data Analytics" • Airbus "Engineer´s Dream" • Airbus "Future Air Power" • Airbus "Scure Communicatios" • Airbus "Time for Growth" • Airbus Foundation "Interactive Web Game" • Airfy • BASF Coatings "Werkstatt der Zukunft" • Bosch Siemens • Brose "WPA" • Eurofighter • Eurofighter "Typhoon X" • MM Agrar "Hagelschaden" • Osram "LED Light at Day"

Short Films
"Black, White, Night" • "Carl" • "Fights" • "Marie"


3rd Prize at New York International Advertising Festival 2016 "Students/Direction"
Silver Award at Porsche International Advertising Award 2016
Shortlist at Prag International Advertising Festival 2016
Bronze Award at Spotlight Festival 2015 "Students/web & mobile"
Shortlist at Cannes Lions
Bronze Award at ADC
Gold Award at Deutscher Dialogmarketingpreis
Silver Award "Students/web & mobile" at Spotlight Festival
Special Jury mention at Banff Mountain Film Festival
Gold Award at Best of Business-to-Business
Gold Award at Mobius Award
Shortlist at International Viral Video Award
Special Prize at International Film Festival "Beginning" St. Petersburg
Shortlist "Best Program Label Design" at Eyes and Ears Award
Gold Award "Best Family Film" at Bavarian Film- and Video Festival
3rd Prize Audience Award at Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival