Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Statement In Short:
DIRS-N-DOPS - Ursula Löhrhoff never did/do or will use any statistics, tracking or spying on you and never did or will share any personal informations without your consent. This is and has always been common sense and an affair of honour for us since 2007.

Legal Responsibility And Contact:
Ursula Löhrhoff
Rolfskamp 13
26789 Leer
Email: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
VAT: DE 165 078 701

We only use a temporary and anonymized session cookie wich will be automatically removed from your browser when you leave this site. (No local storage)
If you've logged-in with the "Remember me" option, an anonymized cookie is written to your local storage which keeps your browser logged-in between visits.
On log-out the "Remember me" cookie will be deleted, otherwise it lasts one year. (You can always re-log-in with your current account, no need to re-register)
Beyond the above, we do not use any 'services' like trackers, stats, social media plugins etc., which could store cookies or any other datas.

Server Logs:
Like for every public server it's also for us technical mandatory to write log files.
We use the standard 'NCSA Combined Log Format' which contains: ip, date/time, request, server status code, file size, referer and useragent.
These logfiles are never used for any data analytics except for technical server maintaining/developing reasons.
Logs older than seven days are automatically deleted.

Registration, Log-In, Stored Data And Your Right Of Deletion:
In case you want to watch films, we are forced for legal reasons that you register and log-in.
On registration your entered data is stored in a database with a hash of your password. (We don't store your password. If you loose it: we can't tell you)
After registration, an activation link is send to your entered e-mail address. Click this link to activate your new account.
You always have the right to ask for deletion of this stored data as well as any other personal datas you provided to us. Just contact us.

Third Party Connections:
We don't use any external script libraries, fonts, third party services nor cdn/cloud servers. Everything you get from this website comes only from our self administrated and dedicated (non shared) server, located in the EU, managed in Germany.

Social Media Scripts/Plugins:
We don't use social media scripts/plugins. All social media links on our site are direct hyperlinks.