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Whilst remaining creative, motivated and inspired at all stages of the filmmaking process, Adrians passion for filmmaking is fundamentally fuelled by his desire to be true and honest to 'The Story'. Adrian has over 20 years experience in the photographic/film industry and has shot many commercials, features, music videos and several TV films.

Born in Venezuela, wears wild dreadlocks and spends more time in airplanes then at home in Berlin. It's not easy to write about Arturo, because he is so versatile that he easily defies most attempts to categorize his work. He likes it creative, a little bit edgy, a little bit arty or experimental. Arturo has the rare ability to add magic.

Chris built himself up a reputation for a fresh eye on cars, emotional storytelling, lifestyle and beauty. His touch in photography goes on aesthetic imagery, graphical composition and atmospheric lighting. He is fascinated by colors and contrasts that transfers content and messages in order to enhance cineastic communication and emotional impact.

Daniel simply is one of the world’s leading cinematographers. Beside uncountable features like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Pathfinder", "Alien vs. Predator" "Requiem", "Captivity", "Friday the Thirteen", and music-videos for Michael Jackson, Police, Guns & Roses and many more, he also manages to create some of the advertising industry's best images.

Dieter has been working around the world as a DoP and created hundreds of commercials for trademarks such as Batida de Coco, Nike, Lufthansa, Bacardi. He worked as a DOP on several short movies, TV movies and feature films, among them "Vaya Con Dios". Parallel to his profession as a DoP, Dieter creates outstanding photo projects of his own.

Eddie worked on over 250 music-videos, commercials, feature films, short films and cinema movies. He has a broad and well founded experience in clip and spot film production on a national and international level. Eddi's strength is team management and his ability to motivate individuals for the given projects, bringing out the best of their potential.

Edward, working his way through the ranks of the camera department in the UK on features, commercials, documentaries and promos of all budgets, he gained the most immersive of cinematography training. Having shot on almost every format in every continent, he brings a unique style, humor, passion, energy and knowledge to every production.

Modernity, creativity, expertise, resilience, flexibility, perseverance, zen and humour characterizes Felix in his daily work. Bringing together the perfect synergy between story, light, movement, composition and dynamics. That's what drives Felix. His modern and unique visual expression is his extraordinary potential.

Gerhard Hirsch is a commercial Director / DoP with his own studio in Frankfurt - Germany. He won numerous international awards for his outstanding camera work, including New York, Los Angeles and Cannes. He is incredibly diverse from food to cars, from still life to people. Gerhard about himself: "Pictures are always my living"

Manuel already has more than 100 tvcs, corporates and music videos on his back for clients like Douglas, BMW, AUDI, Pantene, Fujitsu, McDonalds, Europapark, MAN etc. Manuel believes that the technique has to be sufficiently skillful to hide the fabrication of reality from the audience and create motion pictures which moves the audience emotionally.

Philipp Kaiser is seen as one of Austrias most renowned DoPs. Many of his commercials and image films were internationally recognized and awarded over the last years. What one instantly appreciates in Philipp is his humor, his sensitivity towards actors, and the art in which he tells stories and transforms them into beautiful pictures.

Graduating at École Nationale Louis Lumière in Paris, Thierry Pouget first worked on a lot of music videos, which were a good training for all the advertising films and feature films. Thierry is well known international for commercials like L'Oréal, Citroen, Garnier, Giorgio Armani, Estée Lauder, AUDI, Nivea and many more.

Tómas' intention was always to write, direct, produce and shoot documentaries, but he got so fascinated by telling a story through the lens that everything else needed to wait. Tómas currently lives in Iceland with his wife and three lovely daughters. In his spare time he plays golf and rides around on his snowboard or Honda CB´71 motorcycle.

Volkers playfulness was always his driving force. As a recognized specialist for both cars and beauty, he has a proven track-record that defies stereotyping. Volker strives for solutions that are out of the ordinary. His mantra is “spend your money only there where you can actually see it!”

London & Mumbai based cinematographer and photographer. Zubin shot hundreds of pop videos and worldwide commercials, he also photographed the Oscar nominated film "Killing Joe". Zubin is known amongst his peers as an experimentalist and engineer, always coming up with new and inventive ideas that brings great value to the work he undertakes.